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Hey,Mates are You Looking For SEO Tips. You are at Right Place.I will be Sharing effective SEO Techniques that will Boost Your Web Traffic.                 So,Ready? Let,s Uncover the secret.

Table of Content

  1. Using Suitable Permalink
  2. Internal Linking
  3. Optimizing Site Speed
  4. Using Alt Tag
  5. User Experience 
  6. Using Clean Theme
  7. Writing Good Content
  8. Making Site Mobile Friendly
  9. Using Good Meta Description
  10. Good Title

SEO Tips to Increase Web Traffic Quickly

If you are a Newbie in SEO. You will think SEO as a Night Mare.Actually SEO is a peace of Cake.No worry If you are Confused.These tactics will help you to learn 1 third of SEO. 

1# Using Suitable Permalink

Permalink is one of  key Factor for getting High Traffic. A Blog Post having search Engine Friendly permalink will be preferred in Google.This will make huge difference in your site.It will also Increase user attraction towards your blog.When a Url Looks ugly it sounds Malicious too.Many people don,t click on ugly links understanding it as infected site.So,Make sure to make your site,s permalink Friendly.    A Search Engine Friendly Permalink Looks Like this:

Search Engine Friendly Permalink

While Unfriendly Permalink Looks Like This and these are not Good for Search Engine Optimization.

Unfriendly Permalinks

You Should always make your Permalink SEO friendly

How to Make Permalink SEO Friendly In WordPress

Step1: Go To Setting and Select Permalink 

Setting Permalink in WordPress
Setting up permalink in wordpress

Step2: Select Post Name Permalink

Setting Permalink

Now you have done first step for Improving your Ranking.



2# Internal Linking

Internal Linking is another way for improving Sites SEO. It is one of basic seo tips which must be implemented to get better Traffic.Internal Linking refers to link your Content in your own posts.In simple words it means to connect your posts with each other.You may have seen read this also option in many blog posts this is also said to be Internal Linking.It is very beneficial for optimizing your blog.Internal Linking SEO

TIP#2:Building outbound Links will be helpful

#3 Optimizing Site Speed

In 2010 Google announced Page Speed as their Ranking Factor.Source : Search Engine Land

Its very Important to have good Page speed.When your site will load faster user will be glad to open your site.Many people click back button when a site is too slow.All of us don,t like slow sites. Learn Here How to Check Site Speed


Step#1 Go To Google Page Speed  Insights. Write your Site URL and Click On Analyze.

Google Page Speed Insights

Step#2 See Your Result 

Result Page Speed\

If You want to Increase Page Speed Read Here 

SEOTIP#3:Use W3 Cache Plugin  for Better Page Speed

#4 Optimizing Images

Image Optimization is one of best SEO practice.This helps in driving Traffic as well as Improving Ranking.It is one of best tip among all SEO Tips.When your Images are Optimized you will receive good amount of Traffic from Google Images.

Using Alt tag in Images will help you Optimizing Images for Better SEO. All SEO experts marks it very necessary to Use Alt tag In images it helps google to identify our Content.When we use keyword in Alt tag is best practice Yoast SEO Plugin advice us to Use keyword as Alt Tag.


This is purely for WordPress. How to Add ALT Tag in WordPress.

STEP#1: Upload any Image You will see Following Options Fill Out All In title Write appropriate Title and In ALT write your Main keyword

ALt tag

Now we Have Optimized Images. I hope you will soon receive Good Amount of traffic from Google Images.

#5 Improving User Experience

User Experience is a key to more readers and readers are Key to Money.Improving user experience will surely help you getting better SEO results. When a Users have bad experience with your site.They will never come back.User Experience also enhance Search Engine Ranking.

When you have a better site with good user experience Google will uplift your site. A months Back i was working on a Blogger Hosted site.It was not well ranked the traffic was less. I improved my user experience and saw a sudden jump in Traffic.

How to Improve User Experience

You can Improve user Experience By Implementing Following Things

  • Improve categorization
  • Clear and concise navigation
  • Be responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Increasing Page Speed

By Doing above things you will Improve User Experience.

#6 Using Clean Theme

Themes are same as Cloths it shows your Blogs Personality. Using SEO friendly and Responsive Theme Surely Helps in Better User Experience. It also allows us to Increase page Speed.A Clean theme is a theme having Less jba script used with better Navigation and with Simple Look.

Most of Free themes don,t have these features but You can Find Some of themes here

I would Suggest You to use These Themes

  1. Genesis
  2. NewsPaper
  3.  Newsmag
  4. Sahifa

These are best Themes in My point.

#7 Adding Good Content

Content Is King

In SEO its Said That Content is King.For Sure Content is king.If you have Followed all above SEO Tips and your Content Quality is low.I bet you will never rank on Google.

Google analyze your content by many factors. All of them are depended on Content. Its major factor for ranking here is How you can Produce high Quality Content

  • Avoid Copyright Content
  • Use Keyword in Permalink
  • Use Keyword in Title
  • Make Your Content long
  • Add Keywords in H1-H2
  • Create a Table of Content


#8 Making Site Mobile Friendly

According to google people Spend their 100+Daily on Mobile.So Think How important is to make your site mobile friendly.You may be Loosing half of your traffic due to unfriendly Site. Google Loves mobile friendly sites so its very necessary SEO Step.

Search a query on Google and select first site open it check its Friendness you will surely find it very mobile friendly.This is because Google rank mobile friendly sites

You can  Check Your Sites Mobile friendness by Using this Tool

having Bad results you can View Suggestions by google on the same Page

#9 Using Good Meta Description

Meta description is a description shown on search engines.Here is One of Example How Meta Description Look Like:


Now Met Description plays very provital role in getting Huge Traffic.You should always use attractive meta description.A post with attractive description will be clicked by users here is How you can Improve Your meta description and make it SEO friendly. Don,t Add Symbols numbers or other things to make it Unclean Now we are moving to Conclude the SEO tips Session

  • Must Add Keywords In Description
  • Must be Attractive

SEO TIPs#10:Never Leave Description Blank

#10 Attractive Title

As this is last topic of Our SEO Tips.So iam going to tell you all about attractive Title How it cn Help you . how you can use select Good Title.

Title are always charm of SEO. This is one of major tip among all SEO Tips.These all SEO Tips re Helpfull to enhance SEO ranking as well as traffic

How to Choose Best Title

You can Choose Good Title By Follwing things

  • Add Keyword in Title
  • Make Title bit Interesting
  • Make It Long and Meaning full


Now i have Provided you basic SEO Tips that will Help you Increasing your website traffic Immediately. I hope these SEO Tips will benefit you.In order to Get better Results Implement these all.

The best way to Increase traffic you should apply all Above SEO Tips .The Most Important Tip is to Write Good Content.

These SEO Tips have Helped many People and i have received many Messages From Facebook Friend about their Success in Getting Huge traffic Instantly after Applying these.

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