4 Tips to Grow a Strong Blogging Community


4 Tips to Grow a Strong Blogging Community


Growing a vibrant blogging community leads to a world of prospering opportunities.


Interview requests, guest posting opportunities, increased traffic and greater profits await the blogger who patiently builds a loyal, thriving blogging community.


Building a community takes time and persistent effort. If this journey were comfortable it’d be easy to get hundreds of legitimate blog comments and a group of rabid fans who shares your posts and buys your products within minutes of your post publish dates.


The benefits of establishing a fan base far outweigh the energy you must expend to grow a thriving reader base.


Follow these 4 tips to grow your blogging community.


1: Open Blog Comments


Open blog comments.


Grow a strong blogging community by making your blog a 2 way street.


Some bloggers close comments to avoid spam. This is a short-sighted mistake because unless you are a blogging celebrity you need comments to boost engagement and to establish reader loyalty.


Folks do not want to watch you issue blogging edicts with every post, sharing your thoughts from your singular point of view. People want to be heard.


Give them a platform.


Open blog comments.


Foster a sense of community with your blog.


Employ an easy to use blog commenting platform to encourage engagement. Make it simple to comment to boost engagement.


2: Respond to All Blog Comments


Opening blog comments is not enough.


Until you receive hundreds of comments on all posts respond to every single comment on your blog.


Responding to comments forges strong bonds within your blog readership. Casual readers become loyal community members then rabid fans if you persistently read and respond to their comments.


Be diligent in responding to comments within a 24 hours period. Engaging readers on a daily basis increases your blog comments and accelerates the community building process.


3: Be Responsive on Social Media


Be responsive on social media.


Readers respond well to bloggers who respond to them.


Engage followers on Twitter. Chat up buddies on Facebook. Thank people who like your updates. Talk to people who comment on your updates.


By engaging folks frequently you plant the seeds for a strong blogging community.


People want to know you are listening. More importantly, people want to know you’re not asleep at the wheel.


Stop by social media sites once to twice daily to connect with your readers. Establish a loyal blogging community through the art of active engagement.


4: Persist like Heck


Community building does not happen overnight.


Building a thriving, engaging, loyal blogging community takes months to years of daily interaction.


Most bloggers give up on building a community after a few weeks of chatting. This is why most bloggers struggle to succeed.


Be in the blogging game for the long haul. Persistently share value. Be accessible. Be approachable.


Make friends, build bonds and you will build a thriving blogging community.


Bonus Tip


Be accessible through a contact page.


Craft an easy to find contact page to foster a sense of community.


Build trust with your readership.


People will buy into your brand if they can contact you easily and seamlessly.


Share your email address, a simple contact form and one or two social media accounts to build your blogging community.


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