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Hey, Pirates! You might have heard about Grammarly. Today am going to tell you the hidden secret how to get Grammarly premium free. First, we should know what the heck is Grammarly.

Grammarly-The #1 Writing Tool

Grammarly Premium Free

Grammarly is one the most popular tools of 2017.Many people use it for different purposes.It is used in Offices as well as in schools.

It is one of the great tools because of it,s numerous features.It is used to write grammatical error free content.

I have personally used it and found it really useful as it helped me avoid mistakes.  It helped me writing clear and concise blog posts.

This tool basically works by detecting errors in text and then telling the correct text. It helps improve Writing skills. Here we are discussing Advantages of Grammarly.

Advantages of Grammarly

  •  Helps writing Clean text
  •  Improves writing  skill
  •  Checks Pilgrims and then show its original source
  •  Helps to avoid word repetition.

It helps in writing professional Emails.

There are mainly 2 types of Grammarly accounts

  1. Free Account
  2. Premium Account 

We will discuss both.

Grammarly FreeVsGrammmarly Premium


Critical grammar and spelling checks
Advanced checks for punctuation, grammar, context, and sentence structure
Vocabulary enhancement suggestions
Genre-specific writing style checks
Plagiarism detector that checks more than 8 billion web pages

This Table is taken from the Grammarly official site.

How to get Grammarly Premium Free

Now we are at the main part where I will tell you the trick to get Grammarly premium free.


First of All, open this Link   and click on add to chrome

grammarly premium free

After adding the Grammarly in your browser. Signup and you will get Grammarly premium for 7days.

But this is only for 7 days to extend the period learn Method 2


Now the second method is really Important as we are going to know how to extend the period so Follow these steps for getting premium Grammarly free

  1. Login to the Grammarly account 
  2. Click on the

     Grammarly referral program
  3. If you are logged in then you will see your unique referral code at the bottom 
  4. Copy the link, using any browser clear all Things like cookies 
  5. Paste your referral link into the link bar and load the page
  6. You will be taken  with a new signup form for Grammarly, use fake details,
  7. Complete the signup, return to your main account, save the details of the fake account and delete it after a week.
  8. Repeat this every week 


Now we are at the ending part I think to know you how to get Grammarly premium free.Thanks for reading

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